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Donor Selection Services

Photo Matching:

Donors can be selected based on how closely they resemble another person. A member of our staff reviews adult photographs of our donors, not available to the public, and will make the comparisons you request. If you are interested in using this service, please complete the Photo Match Request Form and email or mail to us with color photographs of the individual you would like to see matched. You can either download the pdf form, or simply complete and sign the electronic copy. Please then promptly return with photos via e mail (info@fairfaxcryobank.com) or mail them to us. See the form for full details.

Donor Selection Consultation:

Fairfax Cryobank provides an in depth counseling service for patients who need assistance in selecting a donor. Our knowledgeable Patient Consultants are prepared to help you select your donor based on the traits you feel are most important. To schedule a consultation, please contact our Client Service Specialists (+1-800-338-8407).

Genetic Counseling:

Some of our clients may have special circumstances that require them to select donors tested for a specific genetic disease that runs in their family or simply to gather more information about a genetic or hereditary situation. Help is available from our genetic counseling staff. Consultations are also available by appointment.

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